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From text files over presentations to blogs, it can all be done using mostly Markdown. And it is easy, too!

This book introduces the reader to the Markdown syntax, teaches a few tricks on output styling and explains the various tools and frameworks that support Markdown.

All this is done using an imaginary monitoring tool called "GoodTool", which - by the end of the book - has a README file, a website, a blog, a wiki and much more. It is the common theme helping the reader understand the different use cases.

Finally, the book ends in a chapter explaining the "Making Of Markdown By Example" - yes, this book is not only about Markdown, it was also written in Markdown!


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Markdown By Example

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The wiki

As part of the book, there is a Markdown wiki, which includes a full reference of tools used throughout the book as well as a subset of Markdown syntax instructions.

The repository

This is the compantion repository for the book Markdown By Example.

Build script

The file builds all Markdown examples into HTML files or their respective output formats.